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The initial download is the amount that needs to be downloaded in order to be able to play the start of the game, the full download is the space taken up after a few hours of play, when the game has been fully downloaded.

Hard drive space

Full download: 2.34 GB
Initial download: 2.34 GB

Download time

Kb/s 20 MB 8 MB 512 KB
Time 16mn 40mn 10h 40mn

System requirements

  • Operating System : 2000/XP,Vista
  • DirectX version : 9.0c
  • Processor : 2000 MHz
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • Video RAM : 256 MB

Additional info

Category : Action
Difficulty : Average
Multiplayer :
Language : en

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PC game X-Blades PC game X-Blades PC game X-Blades PC game X-Blades PC game X-Blades

One girl, two blades, a ton of possibilities...

The guns, the blades, the scantily clad lady...everything in X-Blades leads us to believe that this game will provide good (un)clean fun! We'll let you be the judge of that, but we can assure you you will want to play this game, if only for the acrobatics... You'll be jumping around, hack and slashing your way in a jiffy as soon as you start the game up, with no time to loose as the world needs to be saved!

- This game is compatible with 64-bit systems
- Requires the latest DirectX version

X-Blades Play X-Blades the PC video game

Avg. score

3,5/5 Rate this game

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GinGanGhouly   [ 3.5/5 ]
If you're not offended by cartoon females shoving their backside in your face then this might be the action game for you. Not played much of it yet, but what I have played seems decent enough. A good array of secret items to find, items to destroy for a complete on each level, if you're into that type of game thing. Power ups for better weapons. Anime type cut scenes. One of those games that I can spend a couple of hours playing before I get bored, hence the 3.5 score line.

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