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The initial download is the amount that needs to be downloaded in order to be able to play the start of the game, the full download is the space taken up after a few hours of play, when the game has been fully downloaded.

Hard drive space

Full download: 4.25 GB
Initial download: 3.09 GB

Download time

Kb/s 20 MB 8 MB 512 KB
Time 32mn 1h 21mn 21h 20mn

System requirements

  • Operating System : 2000/XP, Vista, Seven
  • DirectX version : 9c
  • Processor : 0 MHz
  • RAM : 0 MB
  • Video RAM : 0 MB

Additional info

Category : Action
Difficulty : Average
Multiplayer :
Language : en

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Southpeak Games

Southpeak Games

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Velvet Assassin




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Velvet Underground

Velvet Assassin is a stealth action video game for the non faint of heart.
Players take control of Violette Summer, a beautiful but deadly spy deep behind enemy lines with no support or official backing from the British government (you work for the SOE or Special Operations Executive). The game is inspired by a real life World War II secret agent/saboteur Violette Szabo.

Notes :
- Requires the latest DirectX 9c version
- Requires nVidia PhysX drivers
- For 32-bits OS, requires the installation of VCRedist_2005_x86 package
- For 64-bits OS, requires the installation of VCRedist_2005_x64 package

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