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The initial download is the amount that needs to be downloaded in order to be able to play the start of the game, the full download is the space taken up after a few hours of play, when the game has been fully downloaded.

Hard drive space

Full download: 0.5 GB
Initial download: 0.42 GB

Download time

Kb/s 20 MB 8 MB 512 KB
Time 8mn 20mn 5h 18mn



System requirements

  • Operating System : 2000/XP, Vista, Seven
  • DirectX version : 9.0c
  • Processor : 2000 MHz
  • RAM : 1024 MB
  • Video RAM : 256 MB

Additional info

Category : Strategy
Difficulty : Average
Multiplayer : Yes, on- and offline multiplayer co-op mode
Language : en

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Trapped Dead




PC game Trapped Dead PC game Trapped Dead PC game Trapped Dead PC game Trapped Dead PC game Trapped Dead

The first tactical zombie survival game!

Our story takes place in the early 80s in a small town names Hedge Hill near Kansas City, Missouri. The sowing of a new genetically modified type of corn caused the existence of a new virus which mutated through the natural food chain. A dog bite of an infected animal caused a local outbreak of the virus which rapidly infected the inhabitants of the idyllic provincial town. Mike and Gerald, two college boys, are thrown into the middle of a terrifying horror scenario. Having pulled over to a gas station near Hedge Hill during what was meant to be an enjoyable road trip, they are unaware of the virus which has already reached the gas station and its staff...

Trapped Dead is a tactical real time strategy game in the tradition of classical evergreens such as "Commandos" and "Desperados". Players control their characters in a 3rd person isometric view through a mature Zombie survival scenario inspired by the successful Horror movies of the early 80s.

- Requires the latest DirectX 9c
- For 32-bit systems requires VCRedist
- For 64-bit systems, this game requires the VCRedist_x64
- Requires the installation of the nVidia PhysX drivers

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PaulC   [ 3.5/5 ]
The concept for this game is fantastic, though it falls short of reaching its full potential. The basic gameplay is sound. Traverse a zombie filled map, scavenging items and ammo as you go, and killing or avoiding as many zombies as possible. The controls and interface is simple and effective, each character's portrait is highlighted when they have the attention of a zombie, allowing you to lure them into ambushes with ease. The let down really comes from the lack of any real challenge. The first two levels are fantastic, you start off alone, and then partner up with the wheel-chair bound doctor. You have minimal weapons and ammo, it is very tense trying to distract zombies with one character while moving the other. This changes however, once you progress a little. Ammo begins to pile up and most zombie groups can be dispatched by using one character as bait while the rest melee it into mince meat. It begins to feel very casual and relaxed and lacks a real sense of danger. Even during the few points when larger groups appear, your team merely slowly walks away and picks them off one by one, or gains enough distance that the zombies get bored. The only strength classic slow-moving zombies ever had was their numbers and their unrelenting nature. I would have really loved to have seen some true unrelenting hordes of zombies. Overall, definitely worth playing. It's good, but could have been great.

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