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Category : Sports-Simulation
Difficulty : Average
Multiplayer : Yes
Language : en

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Snowcat Simulator 2011




PC game Snowcat Simulator 2011 PC game Snowcat Simulator 2011 PC game Snowcat Simulator 2011 PC game Snowcat Simulator 2011 PC game Snowcat Simulator 2011

No slope is too steep and no snowbank too huge.

Everybody knows the giant vehicles preparing the white tracks for skier. As driver of such a monstrosity, you are responsible to prepare the rundowns in a giant ski area. Everyday crowds of people arrive at the peak of the mountain, ready to ski down the tracks on perfect prepared rundowns. It is up to the player to make their wish come true. In order to fulfill this duty, the player must handle snowcats in various sizes. In addition to the rundowns, the player must keep the roads to the ski area clean as well, using the snow blower machine.

This job is not easy. Strong wind and heavy snowfall exuberates the work on the rundowns. There is only one way to get the job done, enter the snowcat, start the engine and get this monster moving. By day or by night, it does not matter, the rundowns must be prepared before the first vacationers arrive. Lower the shield of the snowcat and smooth the snow or groom. If the weather is getting to bad use the wiper to keep a clear view.

In comparison to the first edition of this simulation, the visual appearance has been improved and the landscape was completely remodeled and expanded by different new elements. A lively mission map with huge areas of challenging passages and authentic rundowns is waiting for the player. In addition to the two snowcat models known for the first edition, the new snow blower machine is now available. Fans of the heavy machinery will also be satisfied with a new huge snowcat model. Beside the expansion of the machinery, also the physical behavior of all vehicles was optimized. The steering of the vehicles feels now more realistic and authentic.

The player must no longer groom alone. In the new multiplayer mode players worldwide can connect via network or internet. All tasks are split onto multiple players, so everybody handles his own job to get the team task done. Only those, who cooperate wisely, are able to solve the task within time. Teamwork is the answer.

- Requires the latest DirectX 9c
- Requires the installation of the nVidia PhysX_9.04.28 drivers

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