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The initial download is the amount that needs to be downloaded in order to be able to play the start of the game, the full download is the space taken up after a few hours of play, when the game has been fully downloaded.

Hard drive space

Full download: 14.32 GB
Initial download: 14.32 GB

Download time

Kb/s 20 MB 8 MB 512 KB
Time 1h 45mn 4h 24mn 20h 53mn



System requirements

  • Operating System : 2000/XP, Vista, Seven
  • DirectX version : 9.0c
  • Processor : 2800 MHz
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • Video RAM : 128 MB

Additional info

Category : Role-playing
Difficulty : Average
Multiplayer : Yes, up to 8 players over lan
Language : en

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Focus Home Interactive

Focus Home Interactive

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Silverfall - Earth Awakening




PC game Silverfall - Earth Awakening PC game Silverfall - Earth Awakening PC game Silverfall - Earth Awakening PC game Silverfall - Earth Awakening PC game Silverfall - Earth Awakening

Prevent the earth magic from wreaking havoc!

Silverfall - Earth Awakening lets you pick up the epic saga of Silverfall, and starts a few years after the conclusion of the original title. Being that you became the new King of Nelwie, peace has flourished under your command, and everything would be nice and dandy if only for the ancient evil that hides in the shadows of your lands. Once that beast awakens, you will have to don your armour and sword as you relive the epic tribulations of yore.

- Requires the latest DirectX version
- Requires the installation of the Ageia PhysX drivers
- For XP requires Vjredist.

Silverfall - Earth Awakening Play Silverfall - Earth Awakening the PC video game

Avg. score

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Player reviews (1)

Dogsballx   [ 3.5/5 ]
Ok,i'm not a fan of Hack and Slash. So all H&S games tend to loose 0.5 or 1 point straight away with me. But I like to try different things and revisit genres now and again. Stay with this review before deciding whether to try or not. The game is buggy, the monsters relentless. They respawn as you play, though slowly. There are dozens upon dozens of groups of them on each map. Unless you clear an area or are in a safe camp, then, usually, you cannot stand in a place for more than a minute before something finds you. Considering the numbers of items dropped, the inventory is quite small. The terain is hard edged, that is, you can get stuck on it when simply trying to traverse a small knoll or pass between a cliff and a tree. The save system is ridiculous. You save then you can only reload by exiting the game and starting. All character and quest progress is saved but you start at the safe camp of the map and all monsters respawn. The monsters level up with you so if you return to the first map at level 30 then you will find level 30 zombies. You can't technically die, you respawn, at the safe camp for the map. But the monsters all respawn at the same time. It is possible to go through maps without dying when you learn how to max your PC's stats. Having said this, if you can get past about level 2 it is one of the most adictive games I have ever played. The story line is not a bad one. You can have up to 2 companions and they interact, and you can develop their loyalty depending on the answers you give. The depressed Troll companion at the beginning, refugee camp, is a must have for her almost constant healing. Overall the companion system and their AI work very well one of best I remember seeing. Don't bother with the tutorial, its just a basic map and WASD control walkthrough, I think if you're on METABOLI then you pretty much have the hang of that. You can jump from main site to main site using the main map once you have been to that location, sometimes I think certain quests automatically allow the jump. It is very addictive once you get the hang of it. Don't bother with missile weapons, go for a mage or a science melee PC. Plus side, there are NPC called skill masters and they allow you to unspend character points and re tailor your character as you progress. So that steam jet tech you thought was great at level 1 to 8 turns out to be rubbish at level 9. Dump it and go for something else. Same for all skills. You can craft armour and weapons and it looks comprehensive, I haven't tried that yet. Did I say it is addictive if you give it a chance. You can get up to mid 20 level quite quickly. After all there is enough to kill. I'd say, its winter in the Northern hemisphere, many a wet weekend give it a spin.

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