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Full download: 0.54 GB
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Kb/s 20 MB 8 MB 512 KB
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System requirements

  • Operating System : 2000/XP
  • DirectX version : 6.0
  • Processor : 300 MHz
  • RAM : 64 MB
  • Video RAM : 12 MB

Additional info

Category : Shooter
Difficulty : Average
Multiplayer :
Language : en

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Eidos - Square Enix

Eidos - Square Enix

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Project Eden




PC game Project Eden PC game Project Eden PC game Project Eden PC game Project Eden PC game Project Eden

In the land of...

It is within one such city that Project Eden is set. The player(s) controls a team of 4 members of the UPA (Urban Protection Agency) - an elite force which deals with serious disturbances within the city. The team is initially called in to investigate problems at the "Real Meat" factory, in which all the equipment has started to simultaneously malfunction. Technicians sent to repair the machinery have gone missing without explanation-Here begins The UPA's sinister trail of inquiry...

- Requires the latest DirectX version

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ivankmin   [ 4.5/5 ]
This older game of Eidos offers exactly what I have loved so much on Tomb Raider series: a very entertaining "virtual tourism" across nicely designed worlds and puzzles, accompanied by a permanent wonder "what the hell is behind next corner" and "how can we escape from here?". In comparison with Tomb Raider, it is enriched by a fine concept of necessary cooperation of several heroes and it has more eerie atmosphere of sci-fi horror taking place in some future endangered megalopolis. Of course, graphics of Project Eden looks a little bit obsolete now (but possesses its own "historical" quality and even charm). The system of controls, moves and hints is not perfectly serving to a gamer and heroes are frequently obstructing each other in narrow places, which is quite annoying sometimes. Even so, I consider this game as very, very good, funny and underrated. Please, more of such clever games, not based on stupid "kill them all" concept!

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