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The initial download is the amount that needs to be downloaded in order to be able to play the start of the game, the full download is the space taken up after a few hours of play, when the game has been fully downloaded.

Hard drive space

Full download: 2.44 GB
Initial download: 2.44 GB

Download time

Kb/s 20 MB 8 MB 512 KB
Time 17mn 42mn 11h 06mn

System requirements

  • Operating System : 2000/XP, Vista compatible
    (Metaboli tested)
  • DirectX version : 9c
  • Processor : 1000 MHz
  • RAM : 256 MB
  • Video RAM : 64 MB

Additional info

Category : Action
Difficulty : Average
Multiplayer : Yes
Language : en

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Knights of the Temple 2




PC game Knights of the Temple 2 PC game Knights of the Temple 2 PC game Knights of the Temple 2 PC game Knights of the Temple 2 PC game Knights of the Temple 2

The Knights who say Temple 2!

Paul de Raque, Grand Master of the Order of the Temple and hero of the first game in the series of what can only be described as an adventure - RPG game is back to battle the forces of Hell. Travelling the lands and kingdoms of 13th century Europe, Paul must unveil the secret of three mysterious ancient artefacts and fight the demon armies attacking our world.

- Requires the latest DirectX version

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Gamer_3596359   [ 2.0/5 ]
Haaa, follow the gourd I love monty python! not a bad game!

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